17 Jun

Products I use

Recipes I share- Lilaloa is my goto recipe! I love them all, but the Vanilla 2.0 Cookie and her royal icing are my basic recipes and used in the Workshops. 

Recipes- I use Lila Loa's Vanilla cookie 2.0 and her royal icing! I modify the flavors with my preferred blend of extracts, emulsions, flavor oils, and natural ingredients such as citrus zests and juices. Lila is my Cookie hero! Her website is a wealth of information.  https://www.lilaloa.com/

Products I love and use come from...

Cookie Countess- https://www.thecookiecountess.com/

-American Traditions cookie cutters- 


-The Flour Box- https://flourbox.com

-Chefmaster- https://chefmaster.com

-Evil Cakes- https://evilcakegenius.com/evil-kitchen-genius.html

Amazon.com- for a bunch of cool stuff like these...

Ann Clark Cutters

 chefmaster gels

Magic Mill Food Dehydrator Machine

KODAK Luma 150 Ultra Mini Pocket Pico Projector

I use ULINE for my box and packaging needs 

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