Cohen passed away in 2017. His light still shines brightly around all of us and his spirit lifts me up and inspires me everyday. Cohen made a deep impact on everyone he knew. He continues to inspire... and continues to make me proud.


The term "flawless" to me is an oxymoron.
Reason being is we all have our flaws, that's what
makes us special, it's what makes us unique.
Embrace your flaws my friends... it's what makes you, YOU.
Don't ever shy away from your individuality;
for you are perfect the way you are.

It’s the "Cohen inspired" idea of putting a smile on someone's face with a thoughtful gift or comedic entrance. He loved to make people laugh and see them smile.
I chose the beautiful Lotus flower because its known for its growth and resiliency despite the toxic environment around it.
   "Find the Beauty in the Tragedies and Grow that Stuff Everywhere"

The world gained a beautiful and loving soul full of light and compassion! And... he visits often!

RIP Cohen 1994~2017
Cohen pictured to the right with his little sister, Marina! He continues to be a Great Big Brother!
A picture of ME, Cohen's Mama and the person who makes your cookies!