Yes on most cookies, but I really dont like to ship them, I worry about those pretty little morsels in the hands of multiple postal people. There are a few that cannot be shipped such as the cookie arrangements. Please refer to the Packing and shipping tab in the menu to see my 12 step process of shipping cookies. I do my very best to send well packaged and cushioned cookies to you. However, I can not control the storms of the postal Gods. Therefore, I do not guarantee shipping.  The P & S is an extra FLAT $12 charge which includes packing materials, email tracking and insurance. The insurance is only paid out by the shipping service if your package is lost or destroyed while in route. I started this shipping process in January of 2023 and as of May 12th, 2023 no cookies have been claimed as a loss or arrived damaged. Yay! 
Yes! As soon as the royal icing is dry the cookies are place in a self sealing cello bag. The self seal bag allows you to have a bite of your cookie and reseal to stay fresh and enjoy later! This is the perfect option for the larger cookies that you would likely enjoy over a span of a few days.
I process all orders from Friday to Friday. Orders made by Friday are put on the planning doc Monday morning. Dough and Icings are also made on Monday. Cookie cut outs, baking, and Icing color development is done on Tuesday. Wednesday and Thursday are devoted to decorating and setting orders. Friday shipping is sent off at 11am and order pick ups are made by appointment only. Please be aware of the ordering dates! If you place an order on Saturday it will NOT be ready by the following Friday as you placed the order after the next weeks roll out schedule closed.

These cookies stay fresh for months! Over the years of making cookies, I have always gone cookie crazy during the fall! My favorite time of the year! It is literally the start of cookie season in most Cookiers' books. My friends, family, and Co-workers are usually still enjoying the Halloween cookies during Christmas! Christmas cookies are still being enjoyed in February! Once opened they hold their soft bite for about 2 weeks but begin to stale if left out or package is left open. As the cookie loses its moisture it begins to harden, but is still safe to eat.
You can extend the fresh life of your cookies by freezing them! I said FREEZING!! DO NOT REFRIDGERATE!!! Theres a science to it that I don't have enough space to explain. Refridgeration is the ruiner of cookie design! Although it will still be safe to eat, the condensation will cause icings to bleed into each other and make a pretty cookie look shameful! Don't put your cookies through that embarrassment!
Freezing is the best option- simply put your wrapped cookies in a freezer protected ziplock bag and wrap GENTLY in aluminum foil. Do not cram into a freezer or stack anything on top. They must lay flat and undisturbed in the freezer. They can stay in there for up to 4 months!. The next BIG thing to remember when thawing out is to remove the foil from the ziplock bag and lay the ziplock on a counter at room temperature undisturbed while they thaw. Do not touch them while condensation is still present. This is very important! The safest way to do this is to take them out the day before you need them and don't touch the bag until the next day. Freezing will generally preserve the cookie art very well with the exception of cookies that have airbrushing. AGAIN- CONDENSATION IS NOT YOUR COOKIE'S BEST FRIEND!
Email or text me! Feel free to send me any cookie inspiration or clip art pictures you are interested in. We collaborate and thats how custom cookies are born!
After collaboration, I will return an email contract with a link to pay for your agreed upon order. Payment is due in full to place the order. Once you pay and I put your order on my roll out schedule, I do not accept cancellations or refund money as I have already reserved my artistic hours for you during that week and will have turned down other customers for the commitment I have made to you. Again this is not your normal cookie. It will need to be considered more of a service than a product.
Email or text me! Send me a screen shot of the cookie set you are interested in. We will discus modifications, time frames and costs.
There is oh so much more that goes into these cookies. They are also art! It requires special handling and equipment to process this delicious art safely and in a pleasurable and consumable way. Some decorating requires layers of dehydrating, and waiting before other applications can be done. 
Hours and days go into some orders. Its not a traditional batch of cookies in which the bulk of the ingredients determines how much a dozen cookies will cost you. The costs of these cookies incorporate artistic hours and days. 
I have to. I live in Idaho where there is a 6% tax on food. I charge tax on workshops also as clients leave with products. Ive seen a tax professional and its sad but true. 
You know your child better than I do and thats why its "suggested" if you feel that your 12 year old can grasp the concepts we are covering than feel free to register them. Not all kiddos are the same. Visit the Workshop Homework tab to get a glimpse into the concepts. It can be daunting and very challenging. It is confusing because we sometimes think, "Oh! Cookies! -Cookies and kids go together" or "My 3rd grader just loved making gingerbread houses in class last week, lets try this Workshop!" It is not the same. The workshops move rather fast and the cookies are delicate. Its not a kid designed platform. But I am working on such a thing for this Fall. Check back soon!