5/13 Email going to SPAM folders!!!

This is a big problem! If your expecting a reply from me and don't see it in your inbox, please check your spam folder. I reply to all of my emails as soon as I get them, even if its a short one to let you know I see your request and will get back in more detail soon. I have sent a bug report so Proton will look into this just in case its an issue on my end. Hopefully it will be worked out soon. You can always text me 209 329-4586  I apologize for any inconvenience. 


I am now accepting private workshop bookings!!! See the Workshop page for more information!


I'm adding a Workshop Homework Blog in the Workshop section. There you will be able to access pre educational tips and the dos and don'ts of decorating during the workshop including why we will be using the dehydrator for the bulk of our 2 hour workshop. Additionally, you can revisit the blog page after the workshop to find affiliate links for my favorite products and recipes! 


Why are the cookies and workshops taxed? Because home base is in Idaho and there is a 6% charge on goods and services with goods. Tax is being added as of 5/12/23 as per the guidance of my tax professional. I know... its not fun, but the consequences of tax evasion don't sound fun either.