1 Mega 5x5 Custom Portrait Center Piece Cookie with assortment of 1 dozen mini (2-3inch) School logo and Congratulation cookies. All Cookies will be individually wrapped in resealable cello bags. Upload Grad photo and school logo. I do not do graphics on the photos or search for logos! Schools' main color will be used on the photo cookie boarder. Please note Vacation Notice. Must be ordered by May 12th for May 17th pick up or shipping. May 17th is the only day to pick up due to major time constraints. Grad Ordering will resume on May 20th for June 2nd pick up or shipping. Please plan accordingly as the Cookie shop will be temporarily disabled from May 13th- May 20th during Vacation. There is also a limited number of cookiesI can do, if I max out on orders I will disable orders. Please review my shipping policy if your choosing to ship your cookies at an extra flat fee of $10, available option at check out. Cookies are carefully packaged, but I do NOT guarantee the handling of the postal carriers. Additionally, Cookie art colors may bleed into one another if left in excessive heat or cold. DO NOT refrigerate your cookies! They will stay fresh for weeks and even months in their sealed cello bags. Moisture and condensation will ruin your cookies! Grad photo used was done by Toni Lynn Photography. Find her on FB and Instagram.

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  • Return Policy: Please email right away if any part of your package (shipping box) is damaged, please include photo of the damaged shipping box. Your package is insured through USPS shipping.

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